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Everyone in the church should be ready to engage when a baptism decision is made. We are on Godly Ground and we need to take action for this action step

Baptism Response: Services



A core step in our church is walking though growth track. Walk your person to growth track on Sunday to introduce them to the team there and make sure they get settled in. 

4 week program running every month

Elliot Seref is the pastor over the program.

At the end of the program they will have learned about the history of the church, our core biblical standards, opportunities to serve and the basics of being a Christian.

Check on your person each week to see what they learned while there and then walk with them as they pick a serve team or small group. Don't let go till they are connected to a group (as in showing up for it or don't want you around any more)


This is a open group for anyone who is interested. It includes a $5 meal, a bible study, childcare and round table discussions. It is a really easy and low barrier opportunity. If your person chooses this path then meet them there, sit with them until they get comfortable. Take advantage of the time to introduce them to other people and connect with friends. 

Follow up and see what questions they have to help leading them to deeper resources and self bible study.

There are more on campus group opportunities on the website or app.

Baptism Response: News
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